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First Pages & Blank Spaces: An Intro of Sorts

Fingers pulsing. Heart beating. Publish... The words float into the cyber-world.

Like the first pristine pages of a journal, publishing the first blog post is, in a word, truly intimidating. It's the interview process, the blind date, and the freshman college opening night wrapped up into one. And I have yet to master the art of it.

So I will begin with the name.

G R A C E. It's a word that I toss around a lot, carry in my bones, and wrap around my finger like a string. It sounds poised, lithe, and delicate—qualities that, ironically enough, I find myself to be completely lacking. And yet, amidst the scrapes, scars, and bruises that comes with navigating life, I've learned that grace is a concept that is truly untamable.

Grace is reckless and without reserve. Grace is the guide that will lead you to places and people that might leave you entirely breathless. Grace streaks our lives with the best palette of stories.

Writing has opened my eyes to many aspects of grace, and my hope is that this space becomes more than another platform that adds to the over-saturated social media streams that scream for our attention at every stop light or waking hour.

This place is created for community, for the ones who are always taking a closer look and noting the patterns grace imprints on our everyday lives.

So, welcome. Scoot up a chair, warm up a cuppa, and introduce yourself in a few lines below. Tell me what makes your heart thrill and your mind tick.

I think this could be the start of something grand.



I'm grace.

I'm the maker-dreamer-doer type of girl who is obsessed with the process of turning messy drafts into masterpieces. Whether you're building your social media or your faith, I wanna meet you where you're at. 

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