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oh, hey,

hi there!

Writer, Editor, Social Media Squad Leader, Word Nerd, Cheerleader, & Storyteller,
I'm the dreamer-maker-doer-type-of-girl who's obsessed with the process of turning messy drafts into masterpieces. 



I'm a book nerd, a latté lover, an avid pun crafter, a California native, and major hype-girl, and I'm oh so excited that you made your way to this little corner! Let's totes be friends.


Maybe you've heard the word on the street that I'm into writing, and that's totally correct! 

Writing is. my. jam.

I'm so into storytelling, I have dedicated almost a decade of my life to learning the ins and outs of the art.

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What's the word, hummingbird?
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ready to swap some stories?

Then I'm just your type.

I'm big on helping people broadcast the God-sized stories imprinted on their lives! 

Whether it's social media creating, content editing, or copywriting, my mission is to help you craft your stories from the ground up by writing all. the. things.

So brew a cup of coffee, and cue those

T. Swift tunes. I left a blank space just for you.

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