heyyyyy there!
I'm Grace.

I'm a writer of all types of things, an editor of social media, & a storyteller of faith, growth, & grace.



I grew up with an insatiable thirst for adventure & an overwhelming hunger for words.

I was that kid who you couldn’t keep inside because there was a type of restlessness in my bones which, I guess, I never quite outgrew. In high school, my favorite way of escape was through reading and blogging—passions that led me to study all types of writing at a college 3000 miles from my California hometown. 




I am really into mountains, the taste of summer, fresh-cut lavender, and Ray Bradbury, but stories most of all—stories that don't leave people how they found them.


the tea...

I'm just a small-town girl based in northwest Florida, learning how to navigate my roaring twenties. 
Most days I'm toting around one too many secondhand books in my Toyota Prius and drinking a disconcerting amount of coffee to prevent having an existential crisis on an hourly basis. I'm fluent in verbal irony (often confused with sarcasm), crafting puns, and am on Team Oxford Comma all the way. I book up my free time reading (ideally in an oceanside hammock).


I am convinced we carry the
best stories in our back pockets.

And I can't wait to hear yours.


want to swap some stories? Then,
I'm just your type!


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